Providing impulses and ideas. This is how we show you the way to the future.

Where do we want to go? Where do I want to go? What are my strengths, and what additional capabilities do I need? How can I overcome obstacles? The company and the managers themselves are faced with many questions, the number of which increases on an almost daily basis due to the requirements of “”.

Groß & Cie. develops your expertise - be it in individual coaching sessions or as entire teams. We use the right formats depending on requirements. The challenges of digital leadership require a procedure which meets the needs of the company exactly. Individual measures can provide impetus and build up initial knowledge. Combinations of in-house training, workshops and team building events, for example, also provide the necessary conviction. The main focus is always on sustainability with regard to career and company as far as we are concerned.

Digital Leadership Training

The participants gather direct experience with management behaviour as “digital leaders”. Agile methods such as “Instant Feedback” in employee management or “Design Thinking” in idea development are used, for example.

In the one-to-one coaching, self-confidence is reinforced and personal challenges are solved in order to use the new knowledge in everyday working life. Information is also provided about how to deal with resistance that digital leaders may encounter within the company.

The training sessions are adapted to the situation and the requirements of every company. Managing partner Michael Groß looks after the training. The participants benefit from his practical experience and knowledge as a lecturer on the subject of digital leadership and from the many seminars that he has carried out.