Retaining and developing employees. So that every organisation develops its talent.

Finding new talent is becoming increasingly difficult, and staff retention is becoming increasingly important. At the same time, knowledge goes out of date at increasing speed and workforces are becoming increasingly older. These are some of the important challenges which virtually every company has to overcome in talent management. The success of individual measures is becoming increasingly dependent on the overall programme.

Groß & Cie. focuses on the most important aspects in talent management, i.e. the areas where specialist knowledge is required. Successful staff retention reduces the cost of staff recruitment. There is also considerable potential in competence management for determining knowledge within the company, making it available and developing it in accordance with requirements. And not least, the organisation should be designed to be able to react flexibly to requirements.

Retention Profile & Retention Navigator

Groß & Cie. also uses two instruments for retaining employees over the long term using company-specific programmes and increasing the company’s attractiveness as an employer. The current “retention profile” of the employee retention highlights short-term measures and results that are already possible by using employee retention opportunities which were previously concealed.

With the “Retention Navigator” the effects of optimum employee retention are permanently mobilised, e.g. lower churn rate of personnel, fewer absences due to sickness and less effort and money spent on recruitment. The commitment of the employees and their productivity are also increased.