We will implement your transformation piece by piece. To create additional value.

Be it restructuring or a change of strategy, purchasing or fusion with post-merger integration, or the development of “”. The triggers are completely different. Change management always represents a challenge to companies: Structuring, organising and informing is not sufficient. Managers and employees must be convinced by the change to make them act differently.

Unprofessional support and failure to take the corporate culture into consideration have been proven to be decisive factors in unsuccessful transformations. Inadequate change management quickly leads to loss of productivity of up to 25% and an increased churn rate of personnel, meaning a loss of expertise within the company.

4E modules with “Cultural Due Diligence”

Groß & Cie. consolidates existing energy and mobilises new energy in organisations in order to achieve business targets. Our “4 E” module system provides the right instruments. The willingness to change, the capability of changing and the most important action areas for the change are first determined by means of “Cultural Due Diligence”.

On this basis we develop the strategy and the concept, the model and the master story for transformations and integration. As a neutral and experienced adviser, we also take over the project management if necessary, and plan and implement the communication with management and employees.